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You can "POP" on Harbourfront cars,
starting March 29

The TTC is temporarily replacing streetcar service along the 510 Spadina route with buses during construction at Spadina Avenue and College Street, starting Sunday, March 29.

Until Saturday, May 9, it’s reassigning some of the streetcars that usually serve Spadina to the 509 Harbourfront route, including all of its new Bombardier Flexity cars. During this period, the TTC will allow passengers to pay fares using their PRESTO fare cards when boarding at stops along the 509 Harbourfront route.

Also starting Sunday, March 29, 509 Harbourfront will become a “POP” or “proof of payment” route. You can board streetcars by any door at any stop along the route. But remember, you’ll need to have proof-of-payment — a Metropass or paper transfer — when boarding rear doors of a streetcar. If you pay by cash, token or ticket, you must take a transfer as your proof-of-payment. If a fare inspector asks for your POP and you don’t have one, you could receive a fine of $235.

You can still POP along the 509 Harbourfront route even after regular service resumes and streetcars return to Spadina Avenue.

According to the TTC, streetcars in Toronto provide 250,000 daily trips to passengers. Almost 20 per cent of a streetcar’s travel-time occurs at stops while passengers board or exit the cars. By introducing POP on all routes, the TTC expects to cut that time to about seven per cent of each journey, significantly improving service.