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GO's new York Street concourse
in Union Station opened April 27


Metrolinx opened GO Transit’s new York Street Concourse in Union Station to the public this Monday, April 27.

As part of the ongoing project to revitalize Union Station, Metrolinx worked with the City of Toronto to build the new, much larger facility. It provides 50 per cent more space than the current concourse and allows passengers faster access between the concourse and GO Transit train platforms. It also helps Metrolinx and GO prepare for the larger number of passengers using the sstation that will result from future regional express rail service.

The new 5,760-square-metre (62,000-square-foot) concourse provides almost twice the space of the Bay Street Concourse and includes:

  • new staircases and elevators between the concourse and platforms;
  • a new customer service counter;
  • new ticket-vending machines;
  • more departure-information boards;
  • direct access between the York Conourse and the Great Hall, including escalators;
  • escalators to the new retail level (opening at a later date); and
  • the new York East Teamway — a covered walkway running north-south along the west side of the concourse under Front Street, connecting to the new northwest PATH tunnel and providing access to the concourse and platforms, similar to the existing York West Teamway. (PATH is Toronto’s system of underground walkways linking Front and Dundas Streets.)

GO will keep the Bay Concourse open until after the Pan Am Games and then close it to start revamping that section of the station. Metrolinx expects to reopen the Bay Concourse in 2017. Once both concourses are complete, the total concourse area will be triple what it is today — anticipating twice as many Union Station passengers by 2030.

When both concourses are finished, you can expect:

  • more platform access: The concourses will correspond with the full length of a 10-12 car GO train. Currently, the concourse only serves the four east-end cars.
  • longer concourses: Concourses will extend to the south end of the station. Currently, the concourse only serves the five north-end tracks.
  • connections: Each concourse will connect to the Union Station Great Hall and the new retail level below and passengers will find a better connection to the PATH system through the TTC’s Union subway station. The new retail level, TTC station entrance, and PATH system will all be at the same level. Currently, stairs separate the various levels.

In the meantime, you can buy GO ticket at service counters or ticket-vending machines in both concourses. You can continue to access the TTC through the Bay Concourse. However, you can also use an access in the north-east corner of the York Concourse to reach the TTC’s Union subway station.

GO has reopened the indoor walkway to Union Station GO Bus Terminal from the Bay Concourse has extended it along platform 3 so you can access the York Concourse. Food and beverage and other retail services are still available in the Bay Concourse. Food and beverage outlets will open soon in the York Concourse.