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GRT raises fares, July 1

As part of the 2015 budget process, Waterloo Region council approved raising Grand River Transit fares, this Canada Day, Wednesday, July 1.

Cash fares for adult passengers remain the same as in 2014 — $3.

The cost to buy a strip of three adult tickets goes up by 50 cents to $12.85 from $12.35.

A strip of five “reduced” tickets — for seniors and elementary and secondary-school students — jumps to $11.15 from $10.70.

You’ll need an extra $3 to buy monthly passes. The new cost for adults per month will be $79. “Reduced” passes are now $67, instead of $64.

Students at the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University pay $80.38 for term U-Passes, instead of $77.29.

Conestoga College students need to cough up another $9 for each four-month term pass. You’ll pay $227, instead of $218.

Students at all other colleges need $10 more for term passes after July 1. Those passes will set you back $267, instead of $257.

Fifty more cents — a total of $7.50 — buys a day pass. Elementary and secondary school SunOne passes — for July and August — jump in price by $5 to $113.