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Highway 7 Markham road construction:
YRT delays, starting July 6

Update — Monday, August 14, 12:44 p.m.: Contractors have almost finished the project. Tonight, they start final overnight paving between Sciberras Road and Warden Avenue for about three weeks, or until September 1. They’ll pave between Warden and Town Centre Boulevard for about three weeks, or until September 22.

Update — Wednesday, December 16, 4:56 p.m.: Construction starts on phase two of the project](/archives/weblog/2015/12/16-highway7.shtml) on the north side of the roadway.

York Region is widening

  • Highway 7 between east of Sciberras Road and Town Centre Boulevard / South Town Centre Boulevard

from four to six lanes. The wider roadway will help manage travel demand and match up to the new section of Viva rapidways to the west.

During the first phase of construction starting Monday, July 6, crews will keep Highway 7 open to traffic, by shifting traffic lanes to the north side. While traffic flows on the north side, they’ll work on the south side of the highway.

On the south side of Highway 7 they’re:

  • replacing a City of Markham water-main;
  • installing storm sewers, street lighting and sidewalks; and
  • widening the road.

The work is delaying general traffic and York Region Transit buses operating along the 1 Highway 7 route.

Construction along Highway 7 continues until 2017.

Hwy 7 - Town Centre to Sciberras.png