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No Scarborough RT service, September 12, 13


The TTC is closing the 3 Scarborough rapid transit line this Saturday, September 12 and Sunday, September 13. While the line is closed, TTC crews are rehabilitating the tracks and vehicles on the line to make the service more reliable and comfortable until the City of Toronto and the TTC build the “Scarborough Subway”.

Buses replace service along the entire line between McCowan and Kennedy stations, stopping at all stations along the way. You can also exit the buses at other transit stops if you ask the drivers to stop. Collector booths at all Line 3 stations remain open so you can buy TTC fares.

Wheel-Trans vehicles will be available if you need accessible transit between Scarborough Centre and McCowan stations.

Regular service resumes Monday, September 14.

While the line is closed, crews are:

  • replacing the power rail between Lawrence East and Kennedy stations;
  • clearing obstructions from the track-drainage system between Scarborough Centre and Ellesmere stations;
  • repairing cabling infrastructure between McCowan and Lawrence East stations;
  • repairing lighting between Midland and Lawrence East Stations; and
  • maintaining trees north of Kennedy Station (just south of the Mooregate bridge).

Crews may work overnight to make sure that they finish the project before the TTC reopens the RT for service Monday. Crews start work early Saturday morning shortly after Friday service ends. They’ll use various tools and equipment, including work cars and hand-held power tools, rail saws, grinders, hammer drills, chain saws and a high-pressure water pump. They’ll maintain trees during daytime.

This is the fourth of five occasions that the TTC has scheduled for closing Line 3 this year as it refurbishes vehicles, tracks and signals for the line and provides more reliable and comfortable service over the next 10 years. It previously closed the line Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26 and Saturday, June 20 and Saturday, July 4 and Sunday, July 5. It will close the line again Saturday, September 26 and Sunday, September 27.

The TTC says it will “decommission” the line — stop operating trains — after it opens the Scarborough subway extension.

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