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Man gets 15 months in jail
after he viciously assaults a TTC driver

A court has sent a Toronto man to jail for 15 months for viciously assaulting and robbing a TTC operator last year.

Wednesday, December 17, the man tried to grab a transfer from the TTC employee on a bus at Yonge and Queens Quay. After the driver placed his hand over the transfers, the man punched him in the head and face. When the employee fell to the floor, the man kicked him before fleeing with the operator’s wallet and cell phone.

Toronto Police Service officers investigated the incident and identified a suspect, using closed-circuit television (CCTV) images from the bus.

Police arrested Adedotun Agunbiade, 28, and charged him with assault causing bodily harm and robbery. He was sentenced to time served, plus another six months for each offence, and fined $400. Agunbiade was also placed on probation for two years, and ordered to stay off TTC property, including TTC vehicles, for two years and to stay away from the victim.

On average, at least one TTC employee is assaulted every day. The assaults range from punching, slapping and spitting, to threatening physical harm or death. The TTC’s court advocates work with Crown attorneys and the courts to secure the stiffest penalties possible for those convicted of assaulting or threatening TTC employees. They continue to seek ways to restrict those convicted of these crimes from using public transit in Toronto.