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Davis Drive rapidway construction:
Paving continues, October 13 to 20

Update — Friday, October 16, 7:27 p.m.: Crews will work Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18, getting ready for next week’s paving.

Update — Thursday, October 15, 5:04 p.m.: Due to inclement weather, the contractors have rescheduled construction activities for Friday, October 16 and Saturday, October 17 to Monday, October 19 and Tuesday, October 20.

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Metrolinx and York Region contractors continue the project to build a rapidway — bus-only lanes in the centre of the roadway — along Davis Drive in Newmarket.

Crews are paving the next section of rapidway between Roxborough Road / Patterson Street and Main Street, starting Tuesday, October 13.

Once they’ve finished installing red asphalt on the east end of the corridor, they’ll start the second phase of paving — installing black asphalt between east of Huron Heights Drive / Alexander Road and Main.

From 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Tuesday, October 13 and Wednesday, October 14, crews are:

  • paving only the centre-lane rapidway with red asphalt;
  • dropping off materials or machinery after hours / overnight to prepare for the next day’s work;
  • maintaining pedestrian access (signs guide you safely through the work zone).

From 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Wednesday, October 14 and Thursday, October 15, crews are:

  • paving part of the side streets between Huron Heights Drive / Alexander Road and Main Street at Davis.
  • paving a small section of Main, just north and south of Davis, the Tannery entrance and the Davis entrance into Southlake Regional Health Centre.
  • temporarily closing and paving part of these streets, one street at a time before moving to the next street:
  • Main Street;
  • Roxborough Road;
  • Patterson Street; and
  • Lundy’s Lane.
  • temporarily blocking the Davis entrance to Southlake Regional Health Centre as they pave.
  • maintaining access to the hospital from Prospect Street and Roxborough Road.
  • paving Prospect Street in stages to maintain access into the hospital.
  • paving the entrance to the Tannery in stages to maintain access.

Davis - paving - tannery and sidestreets - 1.png

Davis - paving - tannery and sidestreets - 2.png

From 8 p.m. Wednesday, October 14 until 7 a.m. Thursday, October 15, crews are installing left-turn traffic sensors at intersections along the corridor to help ease the flow of traffic along Davis Drive. They’re installing sensors between Huron Heights Drive / Alexander Road and Lundy’s Lane / Prospect Street. The sensors will prioritize the advanced green arrow for motorists to turn left or U-turn through the intersections.

  • Crews are working overnight to reduce the impact on daytime traffic.
  • They’ll block left-turn lanes to install the sensors.
  • Expect noise, dust, and intermittent vibration.

From 4 until 9 a.m. Thursday, October 15, crews are switching over to the permanent traffic lights at the intersection of Prospect Street / Lundy’s Lane with Davis Drive. They’re working overnight, since crews are also paving in the area during the day.

  • Expect noise and delays.
  • Paid duty police officers will be on site to direct traffic.
  • Pedestrian access will be maintained along the corridor. Watch for signs and follow directions.

From 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Friday, October 16 and Saturday, October 17, Monday, October 19 and Tuesday, October 20, crews are:

  • paving regular traffic lanes with black asphalt;
  • reducing Davis Drive to just one lane of traffic in each direction during paving.
  • occasionally shifting traffic to the centre rapidway lanes.

Friday, October 16Monday, October 19, crews are paving the south side of Davis between east of Alexander Road and Main Street South. They’ll block Alexander Road, Charles Street and Superior Street to traffic at Davis that day.

Saturday, October 17Tuesday, October 20, crews are paving the north side of Davis between east of Huron Heights Drive and Main Street North. They’ll block Bayview Parkway, Bolton Avenue and Huron Heights Drive to traffic that day.

Expect construction-related noise.

“Paid-duty” York Regional Police officers, traffic control personnel and traffic barrels help motorists navigate through the work zone as machines cross the intersection.

GO Transit and York Region Transit continue to operate buses through the area. They may temporarily relocate bus stops. Signs direct passengers to the nearest available stop.

Temporary parking will be available on side streets. Pedestrian access to businesses will be maintained. Follow signs to help guide you to your destination.





To prepare for next week’s paving activities, crews are working along the corridor Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18 from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. each day. They’re temporarily blocking traffic lanes to accommodate machinery. Expect noise.

During all phases of Davis Drive rapidway construction, expect delays for GO Transit buses operating along this route:

  • 65 Newmarket / Toronto.

Also expect delays for York Region Transit buses operating along these routes:

  • 44 Bristol;
  • 50 Queensway;
  • 54 Bayview;
  • 55 / 55B Davis Drive;
  • 58 Mount Albert;
  • 223 Newmarket GO shuttle; and
  • 520 / 521 Newmarket community bus.

Source: vivaNext.

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