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Don Mills Station bus lanes:
TTC sewer maintenance, December 20

TTC crews are clearing sand and other residue from sewers in the bus lane* at Parkway Forest Drive and Sheppard Avenue East, where buses exit Don Mills Station, early Sunday, *December 20, before Fairview Mall opens. The work will help prevent flooding that has recently been occurring in the bus lane.

Crews will use a high-pressure water system and a high-pressure vacuum system to carry out this work. This method of removing the residue is efficient and quick. Noise will be evident when work is in full operation. Point of Access

The truck will be parked in the bus lane to access the catch basin. Work hours

The crew will be onsite at 7 a.m. for set-up. The maintenance work will begin at approximately 7:30 a.m. and completed by approximately 9:30 a.m. before Fairview Mall opens. Buses will be temporarily rerouted onto the other traffic lanes exiting the mall during this work.