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TTC commemorating Metropasses in 2016


The upcoming year, 2016, will mark a major milestone in the TTC’s journey to modernize its services. It’s starting to switch to the PRESTO fare card, so 2016 will mark the last full year that it sells monthly Metropasses in their current form. The TTC first introduced Metropasses in May 1980, when they cost just $26. Today, more than 321,000 TTC passengers buy a Metropass each month.

To commemorate the Metropass, the TTC has developed the 2016 Metropass collector series. Each pass this year will carry an iconic Toronto image. The passes will include a clue to the next month’s image and, at the end of the year, passengers who piece all 12 passes together will have a one-of-a-kind TTC collectible that celebrates Toronto. The January pass is now on sale at collector booths.