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Metrolinx board of directors approves
Eglinton Crosstown station names

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At a special meeting today, Thursday, January 14, the Metrolinx board of directors approved the names of the stations and stops along the future Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line.

The list of names is quite a bit different from the last time we reported on this issue. After consulting with the community on-line, Metrolinx adjusted its proposed list of names considerably. At its meeting in December, the board reviewed staff’s recommended names and requested further review of three of them.

The Toronto Transit Commission approved renaming one of its subway stations, where passengers can transfer to the new LRT line, at its meeting of Monday, November 23.

The approved station names from west to east:

  • Mount Dennis (between Weston Road and Black Creek Drive);
  • Keelesdale (at Keele Street / Trethewey Drive);
  • Caledonia (at Croham Road — two blocks west of Caledonia Road. GO Transit’s Barrie line will also include a new Caledonia GO Station at the same location.
  • Fairbank (at Dufferin Street);
  • Oakwood (at Oakwood Avenue);
  • Cedarvale (at William R. Allen Road — the TTC will also rename Eglinton West Station on the 1 Yonge - University subway line as Cedarvale.);
  • Forest Hill (at Bathurst Street);
  • Chaplin (at Chaplin Crescent);
  • Avenue (at Avenue Road);
  • Eglinton (at Yonge Street — the TTC will maintain the Eglinton name for its stop on the 1 Yonge - University subway line.);
  • Mount Pleasant (at Mount Pleasant Road);
  • Leaside (at Bayview Avenue);
  • Laird (at Laird Drive);
  • Sunnybrook Park (at Leslie Street);
  • Science Centre (at Don Mills Road);
  • Aga Khan Museum and Park (at Ferrand Drive);
  • Wynford (at St. Dennis Drive / Wynford Drive);
  • Sloane (at Bermondsey Road / Sloane Avenue);
  • O’Connor (at Victoria Park Avenue / O’Connor Drive / Eglinton Square);
  • Pharmacy (at Pharmacy Avenue);
  • Golden Mile (at Warden Avenue);
  • Hakimi Lebovic (at Lebovic Road / Hakimi Avenue);
  • Birchmount (at Birchmount Road);
  • Ionview (at Ionview Road); and
  • Kennedy (at Kennedy Road — the TTC will maintain the Kennedy name for its stop on the 2 Bloor - Danforth subway line.)

The Toronto Star’s transportation reporter, Trish Kalinowsky describes the process for resolving the name issue at today’s meeting:

“It was seen as a Solomon-like compromise. But the tortured Metrolinx board discussion about what to call one stop on the Eglinton Crosstown LRT may be just a prelude to the larger question about the ultimate moniker of the transit line itself.

“The street-level stop in Scarborough that’s in dispute will be called Hakimi Lebovic. The original recommendation had been to call it Lebovic, after the avenue that runs south of Eglinton, while the preferred choice of the TTC and local politicians was Hakimi, the avenue that runs north from the same intersection.

“The resolution ends one of the most contentious public debates in nine years of Metrolinx board meetings, where (at least in public sessions) multibillion-dollar transit projects and problems are routinely decided with nary a murmur of dissent…”