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Coxwell streetcar track repairs,
January 18 to 24

TTC crews are repairing the concrete in the streetcar track allowance on

  • Coxwell Avenue between [lower] Gerrard Street East / Eastwood Road and Queen Street East.

This work returns the track area to a state of good repair.

Crews are working in three phases:

  • from north of Queen Street East to south of Dundas Street East;
  • from north of Dundas Street East to around #164 Coxwell Avenue (near the pedestrian crosswalk); and then
  • from north of the pedestrian crosswalk to [lower] Gerrard Street East / Eastwood Road.

About 9 a.m. Monday, January 18, a crew starts breaking and removing concrete along the track area between Queen and Dundas Streets East. Once they’ve dug out this area, they’ll place new concrete and leave it to cure. The track crew then moves north to the next location.

Most work takes place from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m. every day. Concrete cures “around-the-clock”.

One lane of traffic in each direction will available to motorists in each phase of the construction.

To maintain through-traffic, the City of Toronto may temporarily restrict parking in the work areas.

The tracks link streetcars operating along the 306 / 506 Carlton routes to the Russell Carhouse. The work will not affect streetcars traveling to and from the carhouse or TTC buses operating along the 22 Coxwell and 322 Coxwell overnight routes.

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