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14th and 15th new TTC streetcars
entered service, January 14, February 1


TTC Flexity LRV #4414 heads southbound on 510 SPADINA service, approaching College Street on Thursday, January 14, 2016. Photo by James Bow.

The TTC’s 14th accessible low-floor Toronto Flexity streetcar, #4415, entered service Thursday, January 14 morning along the 510 Spadina route.

The 15th new car, #4416, entered service along the 510 Spadina route in time for the afternoon rush hour today, Monday, February 1.

A total of 15 new streetcars serve the 510 Spadina and 509 Harbourfront routes.

The new streetcars feature a higher passenger capacity, air conditioning, and are fully accessible for passengers with mobility devices.

The new cars carry PRESTO fare-card readers and ticket validators to help passengers to pay their fares. The machines also allow customers without a PRESTO card to buy a single-ride Proof-of-Payment (POP) ticket with coins or tokens. All TTC streetcar routes are POP routes, meaning passengers can board any streetcar by any door at any, if they have a POP — a POP ticket, transfer or pass.

In a recent article, Toronto Sun, reporter Terry Davidson wrote that the TTC’s chief executive officer, Andy Byford told the Toronto Transit Commission to expect many more new cars on the streets this year. According to Davidson, Byford told told the board that

  • The TTC has ordered a total of 204 new streetcars from their manufacturer, Bombardier Inc.;
  • A new streetcar should arrive in Toronto from the Bombardier plant in Thunder Bay every four days, starting in March; and
  • The TTC expects Bombardier to deliver 55 new streetcars by the end of 2016.