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TTC installing new PRESTO fare gates
at Main Street Station

Update — Friday, April 8, 4:13 p.m.: The fare gates are now active at the station.

Update — Sunday, March 20, 4:31 p.m.: Construction has ended. The new fare gates will be active soon.


Main Street Station is the first TTC station to get new PRESTO-enabled fare gates, which will improve how passengers enter the TTC.

Since 10 p.m. Friday, February 5, crews have been removing the older turnstiles at the station to accommodate the new gates. After they’ve finished removing the turnstiles, they’ll prepare the floor surface to house the new gates. They’ll assemble the fare gates off-site and then install them in the station. The TTC expects to complete this work by early March. They’ll work after 10 p.m. each night, when passengers are fewest, and continue overnight while the station is closed.

The work will not interrupt you as you travel through the station or impact buses, streetcars or subway trains at the station.

Once the new fare gates go into service, you can access them with your PRESTO fare card or Metropass. If you’re paying your fare with cash, tokens or tickets, you’ll have to enter through the collector-booth lane.

The TTC will install a pass-vending machine at the station as part of the project, so that you can buy a pre-loaded PRESTO card at the station.

It’s also putting up signs on the construction hoarding to let you know what’s happening behind the walls and highlighting the benefits of the new fare gate.

After field-testing the new gates at Main Street Station, the TTC will roll them out to all other stations that it hasn’t yet equipped with PRESTO card readers:

  • Bay;
  • Bayview ;
  • Bessarion;
  • Castle Frank;
  • Chester;
  • Christie;
  • Coxwell;
  • Donlands;
  • Dufferin;
  • Dupont;
  • Eglinton;
  • Eglinton West (or “Cedarvale”);
  • Ellesmere;
  • Glencairn;
  • Greenwood;
  • High Park;
  • Jane;
  • Keele;
  • Kennedy;
  • Lansdowne;
  • Lawrence;
  • Lawrence East;
  • Lawrence West;
  • Leslie;
  • McCowan;
  • Midland;
  • North York Centre;
  • Ossington;
  • Old Mill;
  • Pape;
  • Rosedale;
  • Royal York;
  • Runnymede;
  • Sherbourne;
  • St Clair;
  • St Clair West;
  • Summerhill;
  • Victoria Park;
  • Warden;
  • Wellesley;
  • Wilson; and
  • Woodbine.