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Don Mills Station emergency simulation,
February 28

From time to time, the TTC conducts emergency exercises to test the effectiveness of emergency planning, procedures, equipment and training. The emergency simulations help the TTC improve its infrastructure and the safety of its passengers and employees.

Sunday, February 28 from 4 until 7:30 a.m., an emergency exercise takes place at Don Mills Station and the emergency subway exit on Buchan Court (on the south side of Sheppard Avenue East between Don Mills Road and Leslie Street). Regular Sunday subway service starts at 8 a.m.

The general scenario involves TTC staff responding to an emergency by evacuating a train at the Buchan Court emergency exit, while maintaining operations elsewhere in the transit system. Participants will use white, non-toxic, theatrical smoke in the subway tunnel to simulate the emergency situation. You may see smoke from subway ventilation shafts at the emergency exit and Don Mills Station. Staff may also use a megaphone may be used during this exercise.

Key activities include:

  • observing and evaluating emergency-response protocols and procedures; and
  • examining opportunities to improve the processes.

Toronto Police Services and Toronto Paramedic Services are aware of this simulation and may take part in the exercise. The TTC has also informed 911 emergency dispatch.

The exercise involves about 350 volunteers in subway passenger roles. The participants start to assemble inside Don Mills Station between 4 and 4:30 a.m. to board a train taking them to the tunnel area near the emergency exit.