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Union Station platforms 6/7:
Stairway closed, starting February 26

CcFe1vFWEAEoTSU.jpg large.jpg City of Toronto contractors working on the ongoing project to revitalize Union Station are blocking access to the stairway for platforms 6/7 in the Bay West Teamway for about four weeks starting Friday, February 26.

Also, if your train also boards on platforms 5 or 8, you can use the stairways for those platforms beside the 6/7 stairway in the Bay West Teamway.

You can also use the stairways or elevators in the York Concourse or in the Bay East, York East or York West Teamways.

You can view an up-to-date map of construction in Union Station, including the stairway to platforms 6/7, here. (.pdf)

Renovating the stairway to platforms 6/7 continues until about March 25.