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Russell Carhouse:
TTC track maintenance starts March 3

Update — Monday, February 29, 10:28 a.m.: Due to inclement weather, the TTC is postponing the start of the project until March 3.

Starting Monday, February 29 Thursday, March 3, TTC track crews are repairing three short sections of track at the south end of the Russell Carhouse near Eastern and Connaught Avenues.

They’re exposing three short pieces of rail that require some grade adjustments. This makes sure that streetcars have safe and uninterrupted access into the carhouse.

About 8 a.m. Monday Thursday, the crews start breaking and removing concrete in the track area immediately in front of the carhouse entrance, north of Eastern Avenue.

This rail work will not disrupt nearby residents and business or day-to-day yard operations.

The crews mostly work from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. every day. They’ll occasionally work overnight but night work will not involve heavy construction activity.

The project continues for about two weeks or until March 11 18.