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TTC upgrading overhead wiring
on Dufferin Street, starting February 29

Updated — Monday, May 8, 10:08 p.m.

Updated — Friday, April 29, 5:31 p.m.

Starting Monday, February 29, TTC overhead crews are replacing and upgrading the streetcar overhead infrastructure and installing new wire on

  • Dufferin Street, south of King Street West.

These upgrades are necessary so the TTC can operate its accessible low-floor Toronto Flexity streetcars in the area.

On average, crews use two to three overhead trucks with hydraulic equipment to carry out this work. Expect noise and bright lights from the equipment.

Until March 24, crews are removing the overhead infrastructure at the exit from Dufferin Gates Loop and near the intersection of Springhurst Avenue and Dufferin Street. This may involve some night work due to the complexity of work and traffic activity during the day.

From March 25 until early June, crews will renew the overhead in the loop area and replace the infrastructure on Dufferin between King West and the loop.

They’ll mostly work from 7:30 a.m. until 3 p.m., but may occasionally work overnight in areas of high daytime traffic.

Starting Monday, May 2, crews are also replacing the poles that support the overhead infrastructure. (These poles are about 50 years old.)

They’ll replace old poles and install new poles:

  • east side of Dufferin Street across from Dufferin Loop - replacing six poles;
  • north side of Springhurst Avenue between Dufferin Street and Fort Rouille Street - replacing six poles;
  • west side of Fort Rouille Street - replacing five poles;
  • east side of Fort Rouille Street - replaing three poles; and
  • inside Dufferin Loop - installing two new poles.

The TTC’s contractors will install new poles next to the older poles. They’ll use a high-pressured vacuum truck to dig holes for the new poles. This method is quick and efficient and makes sure that crews do not damage underground cables.

After the contractors have installed the new poles, TTC crews will transfer the overhead assets from the old poles to the new ones. The old poles will remain in place until Toronto Hydro crews can transfer their equipment over to the new poles. Afterwards, TTC crews will remove the old poles and fill the holes.

From Wednesday, May 11 until Friday, May 13, the TTC will carry out maintenance work to areas of concrete in the streetcar track on Springhurst Avenue. The work requires crews to inject epoxy to help stabilize the loose concrete.

Starting at about 9 a.m. May 11, a crew drills holes into the loose concrete. The crew returns overnight to inject the epoxy. The work zone remain in place until early May 13, after the epoxy has set and cured.

The City of Toronto will close Springhurst just east of Fort Rouille Street. Local westbound traffic from Dufferin Street may continue along the street. The City will also restrict parking in the work zone. Crews will maintain access to sidewalks.

To maintain access to Dufferin Street, eastbound traffic on Springhurst Avenue will proceed through Dufferin Gate Loop.

All buses operating along the 29 Dufferin and 329 Dufferin overnight routes operate through Exhibition Place to and from Princes’ Gate Loop during this work.

Crews will install the new overhead poles on Springhurst after they’ve completed this concrete work.

The crews maintain traffic flow through the area, although they may block lanes. They’ll also maintain access to driveways.

The City of Toronto may restrict parking area near the work zone.

The TTC continues to operate buses along the 29 Dufferin route through the area.

Streetcars will not operate along Dufferin south of King while the crews are working in the area.

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