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March 18 is Transit Driver Appreciation Day

TransitDriverAppreciationDay-logo.jpgIn Toronto (and probably most other places), the most you ever hear from people about their bus or streetcar driver… is usually a complaint.

Tomorrow, Firday, March 18, is the day to change that during the annual Transit Driver Appreciation Day.

Consider this: For hours on end, transit drivers manage to keep a schedule, check fares, give directions, remember stop requests and more, all while safely maneuvering an extra-large vehicle through unpredictable traffic, adverse weather conditions and some really tight spaces! The fact is, transit drivers don’t have an easy job, they just make it look that way.

Tomorrow, celebrate the contributions of your hard-working bus and streetcar drivers and train operators! That could be as simple as a smile and a wave when you board the bus or train and a “thank you” when you leave. You can also print out and personalize any of the thank-you cards here to show your appreciation in person and you can help spread the word using the sharing links. And, don’t forget to submit an official commendation for a job well done, so your transit agency can formally recognize your drivers for their efforts. (You can do that any time of year!)

OK, so maybe it’s not an official holiday… yet. Here’s your chance to help us spread the word and make it a tradition!

School bus drivers have their day to shine, and so do truck drivers. Some riders in Seattle conceived Transit Driver Appreciation Day in 2009 and we think it’s a great way to honour the many hard-working men and women who keep us all moving every day.

Why March 18? That’s the day in 1662 that Blaise Pascal — mathematician, inventor, physicist, philosopher, author and general savant — started operating an omnibus service in Paris.