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No subway service, March 19 and 20:
Lawrence West to St George


This weekend marks the second in a year-long series of weekend closures of parts of the TTC rapid transit network.

To accommodate crews working to keep the line in a state of good repair and installing new signal infrastructure, the TTC is closing part of the 1 Yonge - University subway line between Lawrence West and St George Stations all day Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20. All Line 1 subway trains operate between Downsview and Lawrence West and between Finch and St. George only. Wheel-Trans vehicles also operate between Lawrence West and St. George Stations, for those requiring an accessible connection to the subway. Speak to TTC staff in each station to ask for Wheel-Trans service.

Buses replace subway service between the two stations.

Glencairn Station is closed to passengers. TTC crews are re-tiling the platform edges and upgrading electrical cabling so they can install new fare lines in the future. If you’re traveling to and from the area of Glencairn Station, you can transfer between the subway-shuttle buses and buses operating along the 14 Glencairn route at Bathurst Street and Glencairn Avenue. The TTC will operate extra buses along 14 Glencairn to provide more frequent service to and from the area.

Due to ongoing Metrolinx construction of the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line on Eglinton Avenue West, Eglinton West Station is also closed. The subway-shuttle stop to pick up or drop off passengers on Bathurst Street at Eglinton Avenue West. You can transfer buses operating along the 32 Eglinton West route to travel between Bathurst Street and the area of Eglinton West Station. Also this weekend, Metrolinx contractors are blocking access to the Eglinton West Station bus terminal and the TTC is also detouring buses that usually operate through the terminal.

St Clair West Station is open to passengers, but the subway shuttle buses do not enter the station. Instead, you can board or exit shuttle buses at Bathurst Street and St. Clair Avenue West to travel to and from the subway station area. The TTC is increasing service along the 512 St Clair and other routes serving St Clair West Station to improve connections while this section of the subway is closed. Due to another construction project, the TTC is replacing streetcars with buses along the 512 St Clair route this weekend.


According to a TTC news release, “Over the course of the weekend, TTC crews will lay 11,000 feet [3353 metres] of cable for the TTC’s new automatic train control (ATC) signal system and other ATC-related equipment. They’ll also replace more than 2,500 feet [762 metres] of track, as part of its program of keeping the system in a state of good repair. When installation is complete in 2019, ATC will result in a more modern, reliable signal system and a 25 per cent increase in capacity on Line 1.”

You can still buy TTC tickets, tokens and passes at all stations on the closed section of subway, except for Glencairn and Eglinton West. Regular subway service resumes Monday, March 21.

The TTC previously closed this section of the subway line Saturday, March 5 and Sunday, March 6. It closes this section again the weekend of Saturday April 16 and Sunday, April 17.

Although the TTC has not announced the routing for buses, here’s how they’re likely operating:

Southbound buses start their trips in Lawrence West Station bus terminal, then proceed:

eastward along Lawrence Avenue West;
southward along Bathurst Street, stopping at Glencairn Avenue, Eglinton Avenue West and St. Clair Avenue West;
eastward along Davenport Road;
southward along Kendall Avenue;
eastward along Macpherson Avenue;
southward Spadina Road, passing Dupont and Spadina Stations;
eastward along Bloor Street West;
northward along St. George Street;
eastward along Prince Arthur Avenue; and then
southward into St George Station terminal,
ending their trips.

Northbound buses start their trips in St George Station terminal, then proceed:

southward along Bedford Road;
westward along Bloor Street West;
northward along Spadina Road, passing Spadina and Dupont Stations,
westward along Davenport Road;
northward along Bathurst Street, stopping at St. Clair Avenue West, Eglinton Avenue West and Glencairn Avenue;
westward along Lawrence Avenue West; and then
southward into Lawrence West Station bus terminal,
ending their trips.