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Dundas West Station construction:
TTC detours start March 21

Update, Sunday, June 18 2017, 6:04 p.m.: The TTC has reopened Vincent Yard to store and maintain trains overnight.

Update, Monday, May 2, 11:31 a.m.: Water-main construction continues until Sunday, June 19. Streetcars resume regular service 5 a.m. Monday, June 20.

Starting Monday, March 21 City of Toronto crews are upgrading the water-main under the south streetcar tracks in:

  • Dundas West Station terminal.

The Toronto Water activity blocks streetcars operating along this route from entering the terminal:

The TTC is also detouring the cars to accommodate the work.


Buses serving the 40 Junction and 168 Symington routes and streetcars serving the 504 King route continue to operate through Dundas West Station terminal.

Improving the water-main at Dundas West is part of a longer-term project to upgrade nearby Vincent (or “Keele”) Yard. The TTC is rehabilitating the pipes and the sprinkler system at the yard to make sure it can again safely store subways trains on the site overnight.

Toronto Water crews are using a high-pressured vacuum system to dig down to the underground water-main. To make sure passengers are safe, crews will first work overnight for about three nights, likely March 21, 22 and 23.

Construction at Dundas West Station and the detour continue until May 2 June 19.

505 Dundas

From 5 a.m. Monday, March 21 until 5 a.m. Monday, May 2 June 20, eastbound streetcars start their trips in High Park Loop, instead of Dundas West Station, then proceed:

eastward along Howard Park Avenue to Dundas Street West,
resuming their regular route eastward along Dundas West.

Eastbound cars skip their regular stops

  • in Dundas West Station terminal,
  • on Edna Avenue at Dundas Street West and
  • on Dundas Street West east of Roncesvalles Avenue and at Howard Park Avenue.

Instead, eastbound cars drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • in High Park Loop,
  • on Howard Park Avenue east of Parkside Drive and at Indian Road, Roncesvalles Avenue and Dundas Street West.

Eastbound passengers at Dundas West Station may ride streetcars along the 504 King route to transfer to 505 Dundas cars at Roncesvalles and Howard Park Avenues.

Westbound cars reverse the eastbound detour routing.

Westbound cars skip their regular stops

  • on Dundas Street West across from Roncesvalles Avenue and at Bloor Street West and
  • in Dundas West Station terminal.

Instead, westbound cars drop off or pick up passengers at stops

  • on Howard Park Avenue at Roncesvalles Avenue, Indian Road and Parkside Drive and
  • in High Park Loop.

Westbound passengers heading to Dundas West Station may transfer to streetcars operating along the 504 King route at Howard Park and Roncesvalles Avenues.