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TTC has installed new PRESTO fare gates
at Main Street Station

Update — Friday, April 8, 4:13 p.m.: The fare gates are now active at the station.

Last month, TTC crews started installing new PRESTO-enabled fare gates at Main Street Station to improve how passengers enter the TTC.

They’ve now finished installing the new fare gates at the station and the two Metropass gates closest to the collector booth are operating.

The six PRESTO-only gates will be available soon, however you can exit the station through all eight gates. The new gates are larger, provide easier access, and offer greater flexibility for flow of traffic into and out of a station.

If you plan to pay your fare at the station with cash, a ticket or a token, you must enter through the collector booth aisle.

The TTC is continuing to test PRESTO-only gates over the coming weeks. Once they’ve finished testing them, you can access the station by tapping your PRESTO card over the sensor at the top of the gate. The gate will open to provide an unobstructed pathway into the station.

After the new gates are working, PRESTO users can only access the station through the new gates.