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TTC replacing tracks at carhouse exit:
Roncesvalles Yard, starting March 26

Starting Saturday, March 26, TTC crews are replacing the tracks at the southwest area of the Roncesvalles Yard, where tracks #18 to #23 exit the carhouse onto The Queensway.

Crews work only inside the yard to:

  • remove and replace the streetcar overhead wires along each of the five track lanes; and
  • completely remove and replace the track and place new concrete.

Expect noise when construction equipment is fully operating, while breaking concrete and digging out the track area.

Crews mostly work from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m., Mondays to Fridays, but may also occasionally work weekends.

From time to time during this project, they may also work overnight to support construction during the day. Overnight, crews may install, fasten, weld and grind rails to make sure the finish as soon as possible to return the yard to normal.

Day-to-day yard operations in Roncesvalles Yard continue, but work on the project may disrupt some activities. Crews must reverse streetcars going into service from the yard onto The Queensway. Toronto Police Services officers will be on the site to manage westbound traffic at the intersection of The Queensway / Queen Street West with Roncesvalles Avenue / King Street West to maintain staff safety, while TTC crews reverse the cars. To further ensure the safety of pedestrians, operators will sound the gong while backing up the streetcars.

Starting Sunday, March 27, the TTC adjusts the schedules for streetcars operating along these routes to accommodate more time for reversing from the carhouse before entering regular service:

Track work in Roncesvalles Yard continues until May 13.