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City closing Don Valley Parkway
for seasonal maintenance, April 15 to 18

The City of Toronto is closing

  • the Don Valley Parkway between Highway 401 and the Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway

from 11 p.m. Friday, April 15 until 5 a.m. Monday, April 18 to conduct its annual spring maintenance. To make sure that workers completing the various maintenance tasks are safe, the City shuts down the entire roadway in both directions.

Closing the Parkway affects bus service along GO Transit’s 61 Richmond Hill / Toronto, 65 Newmarket / Toronto, 71 Stouffville / Toronto and 90 Lakeshore East routes. Although the buses serve all regular stops, passengers should expect detours and delays in service.

(Although GO has not confirmed the information, this post describes how it usually detours buses when the Parkway is closed. However, GO Transit control may further detour the buses, depending on traffic.)

90B / 90C Lakeshore East early morning / late night
65 Newmarket / Toronto
61 Richmond Hill / Toronto
71 Stouffville / Toronto

From 11 p.m. Friday, April 15 until 5 a.m. Monday, April 18, inbound buses operate along their regular route to Highways 404 and 401, then proceed:

westward along Highway 401;
southward along Leslie Street;
eastward along Eglinton Avenue East;
southward along Mount Pleasant Road, Jarvis and Lower Jarvis Streets;
westward along Lake Shore Boulevards East and West to Bay Street; and then
northward along Bay Street to the Union Station GO Bus Terminal.

Outbound buses start their trips at the Union Station bus terminal, then proceed:

southward along Yonge Street;
eastward along Queens Quay East
northward along Lower Jarvis and Jarvis Streets and Mount Pleasant Road;
eastward along Eglinton Avenue East;
northward along Leslie Street; and then
eastward along Highway 401 to the Don Valley Parkway / Highway 404,
resuming their regular route northward along Highway 404.

Buses serve all regular stops.

While the Parkway is closed, City work crews are:

  • resurfacing 11.4 kilometres (7.04 miles) of roadway in traffic lanes;
  • patching asphalt surfaces;
  • sealing cracks;
  • inspecting 16 bridges in depth;
  • repairing the bridges at Lawrence Avenue East and Spanbridge Road;
  • flushing 30 bridge joints;
  • cleaning and repairing 400 catch basins;
  • flushing and inspecting culverts;
  • regrading shoulders at several locations to restore drainage;
  • maintaining signs for the entire length of the roadway;
  • maintaining 16 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras;
  • inspecting and repairing 73 overhead signs;
  • repairing road emergency services communication unit (RESCU) vehicle detectors;
  • repairing about 500 metres (1,641.42 feet) of guard rail;
  • sweeping and removing debris;
  • inspecting, repairing and re-lamping street lights;
  • re-marking the pavement; and
  • repairing potholes.

Motorists that usually travel along the Don Valley Parkway will likely choose nearby, parallel routes for their trips.

Expect heavier traffic on City streets to delay TTC services on these routes, while the DVP is closed:

  • 8 Broadview;
  • 11 Bayview;
  • 24 Victoria Park;
  • 25 Don Mills;
  • 51 Leslie;
  • 56 Leaside;
  • 62 Mortimer;
  • 65 Parliament;
  • 70 O’Connor;
  • 81 Thorncliffe Park;
  • 87 Cosburn;
  • 88 South Leaside;
  • 91 Woodbine;
  • 100 Flemingdon Park;
  • 115 Silver Hills;
  • 122 Graydon Hall;
  • 124 Sunnybrook;
  • 185 Don Mills rocket;
  • 304 King overnight;
  • 322 Coxwell overnight;
  • 324 Victoria Park overnight;
  • 325 Don Mills overnight;
  • 365 Parliament overnight;
  • 504 King;
  • 505 Dundas.

The City says, that to reduce the impact on nearby streets while the parkway is closed, it is:

  • implementing timing changes to traffic signals to enhance traffic flow on nearby routes
  • providing real-time traffic information on the City’s overhead signs, and
  • co-ordinating other construction projects to avoid major work taking place along parallel routes where possible.

Inbound buses operate toward Union Station.

Outbound buses operate away from Union Station.