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Toronto Transit Commission meets,
April 27

The Toronto Transit Commission meets this Wednesday, April 27 at 1 p.m. in Committee Room #1, Second Floor, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West.

The commission is the TTC’s board of directors. It oversees matters of policy and planning, building, maintaining and operating the TTC system and expanding its services and facilities.

Commissioners include City of Toronto councillors and members of the public.

During the meeting, the commissioners will discuss, among other items:

  • the Chief Executive Officer’s report for April, 2016. (You can read the report here. (.pdf))

(This time, CEO Andy Byford raised a firestorm of media interest, when he reported about the new Toronto Flexity streetcars:

(“”I am unable to confirm a delivery schedule, but it is evident that Bombardier will not hit the four vehicles per month that we were promised as recently as last month.”

(Subsequently, Bombardier created its own media firestorm, when it announced that it could only deliver 13 more streetcars by the end of this year.)

Most other reports that the commissioners will consider during this meeting contain confidential information, meaning that the general public can’t review them and the commissioners will likely discuss them “in camera” — privately.

One report that you can partially review concerns redeveloping TTC property near Eglinton Station. You can read that report here. (.pdf) You can view the agenda for the meeting here.

Toronto Transit Commission meetings are public meetings — anyone may attend. If you wish to speak to the commission about an item on its agenda during this meeting, e-mail the Co-ordinator — Secretariat Services at: before noon, tomorrow, Tuesday, April 26.

You can learn more about making a deputation — or presentation — to the commission here.