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Leslie Street Newmarket construction
affects YRT services, starting May 16

Region of York contractors are starting a project to improve the intersection of

  • Leslie Street [Regional Road 12] with Srigley Street / Stackhouse Road

starting this Monday, May 16.

During the project, crews are:

  • repairing and repaving asphalt and sidewalks;
  • repairing and repaving the sidewalk and footpath at the bus shelter on the northwest corner; and
  • installing zebra crosswalk markings to enhance the visibility of the crosswalk.

Leslie Street remains open to traffic during construction. However, crews may temporarily occupy traffic lanes to complete the construction in a timely manner. They may also limit access to sidewalks during different phases of construction. They’ll work on two corners of the intersection at one time, starting with the two west corners and ending with the two east corners.

York Region Transit passengers can expect delays when riding buses operating along these routes:

  • 57 / 57A Mulock;
  • 222 Aurora / Newmarket GO shuttle; and
  • 520 / 521 Newmarket community bus.

Construction on Leslie Street delays YRT buses until June 17.