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Gardiner Expressway construction
to delay GO buses, May 20 to 24

The City of Toronto is reducing the Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway by one lane in each direction in the area of the former Dowling Avenue bridge from tonight Friday, May 20 at 9 p.m. until Tuesday, May 24 at 5 a.m. as crews get ready to install the temporary pedestrian bridge in a few weeks.

The City will further reduce the expressway by two lanes in each direction overnight:

  • Saturday, May 21 from 1 until 7 a.m.;
  • Sunday, May 22 from 2 until 8 a.m.;
  • Monday, May 23 from 1 until 8 a.m.; and
  • Tuesday, May 24 from 2 until 5 a.m.

Crews will install the temporary bridge for pedestrians and cyclists the weekend of Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5 (when the City closes the entire expressway for the Ride for Heart). The bridge links pedestrians and cyclists between Parkdale and the Western Beaches.

While the City is restricting lanes on the Gardiner, GO Transit passengers riding buses operating along these routes can expect delays:

  • 16 Hamilton / Toronto express;
  • 18 / 18B / 18C / 18D / 18E / 18F / 18G / 18H Lakeshore West early morning / late night;
  • 21 / 21A / 21B / 21D / 21H / 21N / 21P Milton / Toronto;
  • 31 / 31A / 31E / 31F / 31H / 31N Guelph / Georgetown / Toronto; and
  • 63 King City / Toronto.

At most times while the expressway is closed, GO is likely detouring the buses along Lake Shore Boulevard West, instead of the Gardiner, but the buses serve all regular stops. However, GO Transit Control monitors road conditions and may direct bus drivers to detour along other streets, depending on traffic flow.