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Lake Shore Boulevard West track repairs,
May 24 to 26

Starting 9 a.m. today, Tuesday, May 24, TTC track crews are repairing the tracks east of Kipling Avenue between 14th and 15th Streets. To accommodate the work, the TTC will also temporarily change service along the 301 Queen overnight and 501 Queen routes.

Today, from 9 a.m. until 10 p.m., a crew is breaking and removing concrete in the track area to expose the piece of rail to replace. They’ll continue from 8 a.m. tomorrow, Wednesday, May 25 and finish removing concrete by late afternoon. Starting at 8 p.m. tomorrow, they’ll install and weld new rail and then place concrete until 5 a.m. Thursday, May 26.

The work restricts traffic to just one lane in each direction through the work zone.

Crews will clear the work zone by 5 a.m. Friday, May 27, after the new concrete has cured adequately for road traffic.

Shuttle buses replace streetcars on Lake Shore Boulevard West between Long Branch and Humber Loops from 8 p.m. tomorrow until 5 a.m. Thursday.


501 Queen
301 Queen overnight

From 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 25 until 5 a.m. Thursday, May 26, all cars start and end their trips in Humber Loop.

Shuttle buses replace the cars west of the Humber. The TTC is temporarily canceling transit service to these regular 301 / 501 stops:

  • eastbound on Lake Shore Boulevard West beside #s 2155 and 2111 Lake Shore West; and
  • westbound on Lake Shore Boulevard West across from #s 2111 and 2155 Lake Shore West.
301 / 501 Queen shuttle bus

From 8 p.m. Wednesday, May 25 until 5 a.m. Thursday, May 26, eastbound buses start their trips in Long Branch Loop, then proceed:

eastward along Lake Shore Boulevard West;
northward along Park Lawn Road; and then
eastward along The Queensway and into Humber Loop,
ending their trips.

Eastbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at stops

  • in Long Branch Loop,
  • on Lake Shore Boulevard West at Thirty-Seventh Street, Long Branch Avenue, Thirty-First, Twenty-Eighth and Twenty-Seventh Streets, east of Twenty-Third Street, at Colonel Samuel Smith Park Drive, across from Fifteenth Street, at Thirteenth, Tenth, Seventh, Fifth, Third and First Streets, Royal York and Miles Roads, Norris Crescent, Summerhill Road and Mimico and Superior Avenues, across from Burlington and Louisa Streets and Legion Road and at Park Lawn Road,
  • on Park Lawn Road north of Lake Shore Boulevard West, across from #88 Park Lawn, the eastbound off-ramp from the Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway and the westbound on-ramp to the Gardiner Expressway,
  • on The Queensway east of Park Lawn Road, across from Aldgate Avenue and Stephen Drive and beside #125 Queensway and
  • in Humber Loop.

Westbound buses reverse the eastbound routing.

Westbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at stops

  • in Humber Loop,
  • on The Queensway across from #125 Queensway and at Stephen Drive and Aldgate Avenue,
  • on Park Lawn Road south of The Queensway, beside #134 Park Lawn, at the eastbound off-ramp from the Frederick G. Gardiner Expressway, beside #88 Park Lawn and at Lake Shore Boulevard West,
  • on Lake Shore Boulevard West west of Park Lawn Road, at Legion Road, Louisa and Burlington Streets, Superior, Mimico and Hillside Avenues, Symons Street, Royal York Road, west of Dwight Avenue, at Third and Fifth Streets, Islington Avenue, Tenth, Thirteenth and Fifteenth Streets, Kipling Avenue, Twenty-Second, Twenty-Sixth, Twenty-Ninth and Thirtieth Streets and across from Long Branch Avenue and Thirty-Seventh Street and
  • in Long Branch Loop.