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On-line petition to return heritage transit vehicles
to Toronto

The Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa currently holds in its collection of artifacts, but does not display, several historic transit vehicles from Toronto. (The museum is closed to the public — for now.)

Yorkville omnibus.png

Trevor Parkins - Sciberras — who recently found fame as a builder of Lego replicas of TTC streetcars and trains — has organized an on-line petition as the first step in returning these vehicles to Toronto. If the petition gathers enough support, Trevor hopes to set up a crowdfunding campaign to bring them home — perhaps as part of a transit museum or for the TTC to use for special events and tours.

Richmond Hill omnibus.png

The vehicular artifacts include:

  • an early horse-drawn ominbus that carried passengers between Toronto and its remote suburb of Yorkville from 1849 until 1861;
  • one of the first Toronto Street Railway horse-drawn cars from 1861;
  • a replica of TSR horse-drawn streetcar / sleigh — for winter transit trips — from 1861;
  • a replica of a TSR horse-drawn omnibus serving Toronto-to-Richmond-Hill passengers in 1880;
  • a Toronto Railway Company streetcar from 1892;
  • a Toronto Transportation Commission double-decker bus from 1921; and
  • a TTC single-decker bus from 1922.

1921 bus.png

You can learn more about these vehicles here.

You can ‘sign’ the on-line petition here.

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1922 bus.png