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TTC repairing roofs at Bathurst Station,
starting June 20

Update — Friday, February 17, 8:06 a.m.: Exhibition Loop reopens 5 a.m. Saturday, February 18, 2017. Buses continue to replace streetcars along the 511 Bathurst route.

Update — Sunday, November 20, 12:21 a.m.: Starting today, the TTC again replaces streetcars with buses along the 511 Bathurst route to accommodate ongoing construction in Bathurst Station and in Exhibition Loop.

This Monday, June 20, TTC crews start repairing two roofs at Bathurst Station:

  • over the main station building; and
  • over the station entrance / exit on Markham Street.

During this project, the station remains open and the TTC is maintaining regular service. However, the crews may barricade some areas of the bus / streetcar terminal to make sure that passengers are safe.

Although crews are mostly working daytime, they may work overnight to maintain your safety, especially when they’re working at the roofs’ edge to:

  • install and remove guard rails with hand tools at the start and end of the project;
  • remove old and install new roof flashings;
  • deliver construction material onto the roof.

Crews will park a mobile crane on the streetcar tracks so they can access the main roof overnight. (The TTC is replacing streetcars operating along the 511 Bathurst route with buses during two other construction projects — at Bathurst and College Streets and in Exhibition Loop — from Monday, June 20 until Saturday, July 30.)

They’ll use liquefied asphalt and heating kettles during this project. You may smell a non-hazardous odour, when they’re placing the new roofing layer. The crews will reduce dust and noise as much as possible.

Buses operating through the station terminal may drop off or pick up passengers at different platforms than usually through the project. The TTC may also again replace streetcars with buses at various times as the project progresses.

Signs and customer-service staff will be available to help you find your way through the station and to subway trains and buses during construction.

Construction at Bathurst Station continues “until fall” or until November 30.