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Toronto subway station challenge

A reader recently wrote to us:

“How many places on the Toronto subway system can you think of where there are two consecutive stations whose names have no letters in common?

“Naturally, you are not allowed to consult a list.

“I thought of this question recently while I was riding the subway and had no reading matter with me. I was able to identify three answers, of which two are good and one is debatable. I later checked them by computer and confirmed that these are the only ones.”

How about you? Can you successfully meet the Toronto subway station challenge? Can you figure out which are the “two good and one debatable” answers? Or can you maybe come up with others we haven’t thought about?

E-mail your answers to You won’t win any prize, but you’ll earn bragging rights that you’ve beaten the Toronto subway challenge.

We’ll publish the answers that we think are the only correct ones — and any other answers that you may supply, if they’re also correct — late next week.

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