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Eglinton Crosstown LRT- Forest Hill:
TTC detour starts July 31

Update — Tuesday, November 1, 5:37 p.m.: The TTC further revises the path for buses along the route, starting Friday, November 4.

eglinton crosstown logo.pngMetrolinx contractors are working to build the future Eglinton - Crosstown light rail transit line.

Ongoing work near the intersection of Bathurst Street and Eglinton Avenue West — the site of the future Forest Hill Station continues to delay buses and all traffic.

Starting Sunday, July 31, the TTC is detouring buses operating along this route, to reduce delaying passengers:

  • 33 Forest Hill.

It’s revising the north-end loop so that buses proceed counterclockwise instead of clockwise. Passengers must cross the street from their regular stop to board the buses.

Construction near Forest Hill Station and the detour continue until further notice.

33_Crosstown LRT_160.gif

33 Forest Hill

Starting Sunday, July 31, southbound buses start their trips on Roselawn Avenue at Chaplin Crescent, then proceed:

southeastward along Chaplin; and then
westward along Eglinton Avenue West to Spadina Road,
resuming their regular route southward along Spadina.

Southbound buses skip their regular stops

  • on Bathurst Street at Ridge Hill Drive and
  • on Eglinton Avenue West east of Old Forest Hill Road and at Gardiner Road.

Instead, southbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • on Roselawn Avenue at Chaplin Crescent and
  • on Chaplin Crescent across from #340 Chaplin and at Eglinton Avenue West.

Northbound buses operate along their regular route to Spadina Road and Eglinton Avenue West, then detour:

westward along Eglinton West;
northward along Bathurst Street; and then
eastward along Roselawn Avenue to Chaplin Crescent,
ending their trips.

Northbound buses skip their regular stops

  • on Spadina Road at Eglinton Avenue West and
  • on Chaplin Crescent, north of Eglinton Avenue West, beside #340 Chaplin, across from the walkway to Shallmar Apartments and at Roselawn Avenue.

Instead, northbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • on Eglinton Avenue West at Vesta Drive, Old Forest Hill Road and Bathurst Street,
  • on Bathurst Street at Vesta Drive and Roselawn Avenue and
  • on Roselawn Avenue east of Bathurst Street and at Chaplin Crescent.