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More GO service along Milton corridor,
starting September 6

Metrolinx is improving its service to commuters along the Milton Corridor next month.


More train service

Starting Tuesday, September 6, GO Transit is increasing train service along the 21 Milton line by operating trains along two new trips — one Monday-to-Friday mornings and another afternoons.

  • A new eastbound train leaves Milton GO Station at 5:59 a.m. Mondays to Fridays. It drops off or picks up passengers at all stations along the line, ending its trip in Union Station at 7 a.m.
  • A new westbound train leaves Union Station at 5:55 p.m. It serves all stations along the line, ending its trip in Milton at 6:54 p.m.

According to a Government of Ontario news release, Metrolinx is working with the Town of Milton through a local advisory group to address Milton’s unique transit and congestion challenges. It’s also reviewing opportunities to expand the rail capacity of the line to accommodate future growth and development in the area.

By adding these two new rail trips to the schedule, GO brings the total number of weekly trips along the corridor to 100. Each new train trip accommodates about 1,500 more passengers during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

Milton line 100.jpg large.jpg

You can view the new schedule for the line here. (.pdf)

More bus service

Also this September, GO is introducing the new 24 Cambridge / Milton bus route, offering passengers 12 new GO bus trips between Grand River Transit’s Ainslie Street Terminal in the Galt City Centre area of Cambridge and Milton GO Station.

GO is scheduling most buses so that passengers can transfer between buses and trains at Milton. It’s also operating four westbound buses directly between Union Station GO Bus Terminal and Ainslie Street Terminal, Mondays to Fridays before train service starts and after it ends each day.

You can view the schedule for the new route here. (.pdf)

More parking

This fall, Metrolinx is also starting a project to add more than 250 new parking spaces at Streetsville GO Station, bringing the total number of spaces at the station to more than 1,700. It expects to finish building the new parking by early 2018.

Construction also starts this fall on about 130 new parking spaces at Square One Bus Terminal, bringing the total number of available parking spaces to more than 330. It expects to finish building these new spaces by next spring.

Square One GO Bus Terminal is already on of the busiest terminals in the GO network, second only to Union Station. It serves an average of 20,000 passengers every day.