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Open BVE Version 4.0: Pre-release of TTC Yonge-University line now available

After nearly a year of work, the T2P Films / TTC Virtual Academy team is announcing the pre-release version of the the Yonge - University line, featuring better texture, route, sound and train.

You can download the new version (after making a donation) here. (All proceeds go towards running the T2P website, the Virtual TTC Academy TeamSpeak server and future productions.)

This version includes:

  • better sounds, physics for all trains and updated panel for H5 / H6 trains;
  • better station textures and objects;
  • better grade time signals;
  • better outdoor scenery;
  • more animation, including vehicles and other trains;
  • realistic track-flange sounds;
  • new Toronto Rocket announcements;
  • in-game signals for Virtual TTC Academy members; and
  • rain and snow versions.