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Wellesley Station second-exit project: Crews restore Dundonald sidewalk, September 22, 23

Update — Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 7:25 a.m.: The TTC has opened the second exit at 17 Dundonald Street today. Construction continues at #587 Yonge.

17 Dundonald Render2.jpg

^ Conceptual drawing of 17 Dundonald with Wellesley Station second exit and automatic entrance (staircase access only) after construction is complete. A walkway at the right of the exit / entrance leads pedestrians to Wellesley Street East near the main station building. Image: TTC

The TTC is building second exits from stations with just one exit to increase passenger safety during emergencies.

At Wellesley Station, the TTC is building two second exits / automatic entrances, it says, “to improve passenger safety and convenience”. The transit agency is co-ordinating with local developers to build integrated second exits and automatic entrances in new condominium developments at 17 Dundonald Street (just north and east of the station) and 587 Yonge Street (on the northeast corner of Yonge and Dundonald). The official opening of these second entrances / exits depends on the progress of the condominium construction.


^ Conceptual drawing of 587 Yonge Street with Wellesley Station second exit and automatic entrance (staircase access only) after construction is complete. Image: TTC

Contractors have mostly completed underground infrastructure — tunnels — to connect the second exits to the station. This month, crews are restoring the sidewalk

  • on Dundonald Street, north side, east of Yonge Street, between #s 4 and 14 Dundonald.

Crews installed a temporary layer of asphalt on the north sidewalk last summer to provide a smooth surface during construction. During the week of Monday, September 6, the crews started removing the asphalt and installing a new sidewalk. They’re completing the project this Thursday, September 22 and Friday, September 23.

Work activities include:

  • removing old sections of concrete and asphalt; and
  • placing new concrete.

To allow crews to complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, the work zone blocks the north sidewalk between 4 and 14 Dundonald. Crews maintain a temporary east-west pedestrian pathway as best as possible. They’ll remove the work zone and reopen the sidewalk by end of day Friday, September 23.