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Eglinton - Crosstown LRT -- Oakwood:
TTC relocating stop, starting October 5

eglinton crosstown logo.pngMetrolinx contractors are working to build the future Eglinton - Crosstown light rail transit line.

Starting Wednesday, October 5, the TTC is relocating a stop for buses along these routes to accommodate the ongoing construction project:

  • 32 Eglinton West; and
  • 332 Eglinton West overnight.


32 Eglinton West
332 Eglinton West overnight

Tuesday, October 4 is the last day that westbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at the stop on Eglinton Avenue West across from Oakwood Avenue. Instead, starting Wednesday, October 5, the buses serve passengers at a new stop on Eglinton West 50 metres east of Oakwood.