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Some PRESTO services off-line, October 7 to 10

PRESTO is updating its website from early Friday, October 7 until late Thanksgiving, Monday, October 10.

During the upgrade, you can still use your PRESTO fare card to travel.

By upgrading the website this weekend, PRESTO staff will:

  • provide with a new look and layout to make it easier to navigate;
  • make the website mobile-enabled and easier to use on smart phones and tablets;
  • let you save your preferred method of payment;
  • improve the process for replacing your card; and
  • make the GO Transit service guarantee page mobile-enabled and easier to use.

All day Friday and throughout the holiday weekend, you can’t use or the PRESTO Contact Centre to

  • order new cards or replace cards;
  • access to personal PRESTO accounts on-line or by phone;
  • load funds on-line or by phone;
  • activate or report a lost or stolen card;
  • set up autoloads;
  • transfer your balance from an old to a new card;
  • update account information on-line or by phone;
  • visit this page on the GO Transit website:
  • visit these pages on the PRESTO website:

Pre-load your card tomorrow, Wednesday, October 5 to make sure that you have enough funds to travel Friday and through the weekend.

You can add value to your PRESTO card that you can use immediately during the upgrade in-person at a GO station, at a PRESTO customer-service outlet or at a self-serve reload machine.

The PRESTO Contact Centre will be available to answer general questions at 1-877-378-6123.