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Video of TTC one-person train operation
along Line 4, October 9

T2P Films sent us this short look at how the trains are running along the 4 Sheppard subway line with the one-person train operation.

The new way of operating the trains — with only the drivers aboard to operate the trains, monitor the platforms and open and close the doors — started yesterday, Sunday, October 9, which is when the T2P crew filmed the trains. Multiple screens inside the cabs connect to the cameras on the platform, allowing the drivers to see when it is safe to close the doors.

T2P Films is a Toronto production company, specializing in aviation and transit (with focus on the Toronto Transit Commission). (T2P Films stands for Trains to Planes).

T2P Films also runs the Virtual TTC Academy, where transit enthusiasts get together to simulate virtual Toronto subway operations in the free train simulator, OpenBVE. Sign up to become a virtual operator at