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Ontario building new parking structures
at Maple and Rutherford GO Stations

The Government of Ontario is building more parking at Maple and Rutherford GO stations.

The province will provide as many as 1,200 new parking spots at the two stations by building new multi-level parking structures. Metrolinx is also building new pedestrian tunnels at both stations to connect with the future second track and platform, which passengers will use when GO Transit introduces regional express rail services along the Barrie line over the next ten years.

Construction on the two parking structures starts in 2018. To accommodate tunnel construction, GO will temporarily relocate parking spots at the stations. According to a government news release, however, “The number of parking spots will not be affected during tunnel construction as alternate parking spots will be available.”

Ontario plans to build another new station in Vaughan at Kirby, which will also include more parking.