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New transit map details layout of tracks, yards, opening dates and old lines

Reader Kalle Hakala recently e-mailed us:

“I have constructed a detailed track map that may be of interest to your Transit Toronto site. I am grateful to your site, which provided a lot of background detail especially for history of streetcar routes.”

The map includes:

  • The actual layout of the underground, RT and streetcar lines;
  • The position of the stations and their platforms;
  • Tracks, maintenance tunnels and line connections;
  • Storage yards, maintenance facilities, and sidings;
  • Planned extensions;
  • Platform numbers at some stations and opening dates of every section; and
  • Old streetcar tracks.

At Transit Toronto, we’ll be adding a permanent link to this map from our transit archives pages soon, but, in the meantime:

  • View the map on-line here;
  • Download a simple image version of the map in PNG format here; or
  • Download a high-definition map in PDF format here.