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Metrolinx board of directors meets, December 8

The Metrolinx board of directors is holding its next meeting today, Thursday, December 8.

As usual, the agenda for the meeting contains both public and confidential items. The board will discuss the confidential items in a private session that starts at 8 a.m. The board then meets in public to discuss the other items on the agenda at 11:35 a.m. At the end of the public session, the board again meets privately.

The meeting takes place in the Peter R. Smith Boardroom, Union Station, West Wing, 4th Floor, 97 Front Street West.

You can view the agenda for the meeting here.

During its public session, the board will discuss, among other items on its agenda, reports updating it about various Metrolinx divisions, services and projects, including:

  • GO Transit’s regional express rail station access plan. (You can view the staff presentation here. (.pdf))
  • GO’s proposed new regional express rail stations. (You can view the staff presentation here. (.pdf))
  • procurement for building the regional express rail network. (You can read the staff report here. (.pdf))
  • progress in implementing the PRESTO fare-card system throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton and Ottawa, particularly on the TTC. (You can view the staff presentation here. (.pdf))

The board will also consider quarterly reports from various Metrolinx divisions, including: