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Toronto Transit Commission meets, December 20

The Toronto Transit Commission meets Tuesday, December 20 at 1 p.m. in Committee Room 2, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West.

The commission is the TTC’s board of directors. It oversees matters of policy and planning, building, maintaining and operating the TTC system and expanding its services and facilities.

Commissioners include City of Toronto councillors and members of the public.

During the meeting, the commissioners discuss, among other items, staff reports recommending that the commission approve:

  • the Fare Pass transit-fare equity program for low-income Torontonians. (You can read the staff report here. (.pdf))
  • an update on the delivery of new streetcars and the TTC claim negotiations with Bombardier. (You can read the staff report here. (.pdf))
  • an update on transit fare inspection and enforcement procedures. (You can read the staff report here. (.pdf))
  • raising fares for parking at some TTC lots. (You can read the staff report here. (.pdf))
  • renewing MiWay’s lease of space in Islington Station. (You can read the staff report here. (.pdf))
  • demolishing the stand-alone entrance to York Mills Station at the north-west corner of Yonge Street and Wilson Avenue and building a new entrance as part of a development at 4050 Yonge Street. (You can read the staff report here. (.pdf))

The commission also considers:

  • the Chief Executive Officer’s report for December 2016. (You can read the report here. (.pdf))

Several reports with confidential attachments review proposals that the TTC buy land near Chester and Lansdowne Stations to improve passenger access and elsewhere near Line 2 to build a new storage and maintenance facility for subway trains. Reports about buying land must contain confidential attachments that the board discusses in private. (A public discussion may affect the negotiations to buy the land at a reasonable cost.)

Toronto Transit Commission meetings are public meetings — anyone may attend.If you wish to speak to the commission about an item on its agenda during this meeting, e-mail the Co-ordinator — Secretariat Services at: before noon, tomorrow, Monday, December 19.

You can learn more about making a deputation — or presentation — to the commission here.