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No subway service, January 21 and 22:
Downsview to St George


The TTC is closing its Line 1 (Yonge - University) subway between Downsview and St George stations this Saturday, January 21 and Sunday, January 22.

Line 1 subway trains operate only between Finch and St George stations this weekend.

While this part of the line is closed, TTC crews continue their ongoing work to test and install the new automatic train control system. According to a TTC news release, “When installation is complete in 2019, ATC will result in a more modern and reliable signal system that will allow for a 25 per cent increase in the number of trains operating on Line 1.”

The TTC is operating shuttle buses to partially replace subway service — but only between Downsview and Lawrence West stations. Three construction projects delayed shuttle buses when the TTC operated them south of Lawrence West station during last year’s closures.

This TTC video provides more information about ATC and explains the alternate service plan that the TTC is using to move passengers during this closure.

Instead, the TTC is encouraging passengers to ride connecting routes to stations on the Yonge arm of Line 1 or to Line 2 (Bloor - Danforth) stations. It will double regular service along ten bus and streetcar routes Saturday and Sunday:

  • 7 Bathurst;
  • 14 Glencairn;
  • 32 Eglinton West;
  • 29 Dufferin;
  • 52 Lawrence West;
  • 84 Sheppard West;
  • 96 Wilson;
  • 109 Ranee;
  • 127 Davenport; and
  • 512 St Clair.


To improve bus service, the City of Toronto will temporarily ban parking on

  • Lawrence Avenue West between Lawrence West and Lawrence stations;
  • Eglinton Avenue West between Eglinton West Station and Spadina Road; and
  • Bathurst Street between Barton Avenue and Bloor Street West.

The TTC is also operating extra subway service along the rest of Line 1 during the closure and along Line 2 from 3 until 11 p.m. to accommodate fans heading to and from the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors games.

Wheel-Trans buses operate to and from Downsview, Lawrence West and St George stations, if you use a wheelchair or mobility device or otherwise need accessible service. Ask TTC staff at these stations for Wheel-Trans.

Dupont and Glencairn stations will be closed. All other stations will be open so you can buy tokens, tickets, passes and other fare media and connect with buses and streetcars.

This weekend, crews are testing the new ATC system between Wilson and Spadina stations and working at Downsview Station to get ready for extending the line northwestward to Vaughan Metropolitan Centre by the end of the year. The TTC also expects to have finished all ATC work on Line 1 north of Dupont Station by the end of 2017.

This is the first of 14 weekend closures affecting this part of Line 1 this year, mostly resulting from TTC crews installing and testing ATC.

Upcoming weekend closures for this part of the line:

  • Saturday, February 25 and Sunday, February 26 - Downsview to St George - ATC;
  • Saturday, April 8 and Sunday, April 9 - Downsview to St George - ATC;
  • Saturday, April 29 and Sunday, April 30 - Downsview to St George - ATC;
  • Saturday, May 20 and Sunday, May 21 - Downsview to St George - ATC;
  • Saturday, June 3 and Sunday, June 4 - Downsview to St George - ATC;
  • Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 18 - Downsview to St George - ATC;
  • Saturday, July 15 and Sunday, July 16 - Downsview to Lawrence West - track and switch work;
  • Saturday, July 29 and Sunday, July 30 - Downsview to St George - ATC;
  • Saturday, August 12 and Sunday, August 13 - Downsview to St George - ATC;
  • Saturday, September 16 and Sunday, September 17 - Downsview to St George - ATC;
  • Saturday, October 21 and Sunday, October 22 - Downsview to Wilson - ATC;
  • Saturday, November 4 and Sunday, November 5 - Downsview to St George - ATC; and
  • Saturday, December 2 and Sunday, December 3 - Downsview to Wilson - ATC.

Subway-replacement shuttle buses

(The TTC has not confirmed routing information. We’ve based this part of the post on information that the TTC has provided during previous closures of this and other nearby sections of the line.)

Southbound buses start their trips in Downsview Station, then proceed:

southward along William R. Allen Road;
west- and southward along Transit Road;
through Wilson Station bus terminal;
north- and eastward along Transit;
southward along Allen, the ramp to Yorkdale Road and Yorkdale, stopping near Yorkdale Station;
southward along Yorkdale and Allen;
eastward along Lawrence Avenue West; and then
southward into Lawrence West Station bus terminal,
ending their trips.

Northbound buses reverse the southbound routing.

Shuttle-bus service in 2016

In 2016, with three construction sites affecting traffic along the route an average shuttle-bus trip between Downsview and St George required about an hour to complete. The TTC had to supply about 100 buses for the service.

Three construction projects delaying shuttle buses in 2016