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"Six Points" construction affects
MiWay, TTC service, starting March 17


After more than ten years of planning, consulting, engineering and designing, the City of Toronto is ready to start Phase 2 of a major construction project to redesign, rebuild and simplify the “Six Points” intersection in central Etobicoke — the complex junction where Bloor and Dundas Streets West meet Kipling Avenue.

(The City already started some early work — Phase 1 — on the project from 2014 until 2016. During Phase 1, crews worked in the former Westwood cinema lands to prepare the site for new infrastructure — sewers, water-mains, other underground utilities and roadways — clearing trees and grading the land.)

During the project, the City intends to:

  • build a new road network and “at-grade” intersection at Dundas, Bloor and Kipling, with Bloor continuing across Kipling;
  • improve pedestrian facilities including wide boulevards, trees, and street furniture;
  • improve pedestrian access to Kipling Station;
  • improve cycling facilities with separate bike lanes on all major streets; and
  • make more land available for parkettes, public art, new development and other amenities.

Six Points after construction.jpg

Starting Friday, March 17, crews start Stage 1 of Phase 2 — building the new roadway for

  • Dundas Street West between Aukland and Dunbloor Roads.

Starting that day, MiWay passengers should expect delays on Dundas West when riding buses operating along these routes:

  • 1 / 1C Dundas;
  • 3 Bloor;
  • 11/ 11A / 11B Westwood;
  • 20 Rathburn;
  • 26 Burnhamthorpe;
  • 35 / 35A Eglinton;
  • 57 Courtneypark;
  • 70 Keaton;
  • 71 Sheridan / Subway;
  • 76 Square One / Subway;
  • 101 / 101A Dundas express;
  • 108 Meadowale Business express; and
  • 109 Meadowvale express.

TTC passengers should expect delays when riding buses operating along these routes:

  • 30 Lambton;
  • 49 Bloor West;
  • 111 East Mall;
  • 112 West Mall; and
  • 123 Shorncliffe.

MiWay and TTC passengers can expect delays on Dundas Street West near the Six Points until November 30, 2019.

Since 2014, the TTC also has adjusted the service levels of these routes to compensate for delays resulting from project construction:

  • 45 Kipling local;
  • 45E Kipling express; and
  • 46 Martin Grove.

During this stage of the project, crews are

  • installing new water-mains and storm-water and sanitary sewers,
  • installing streetscaping (including landscaping, street lighting and underground utilities)
  • installing new curbs;
  • building an underground hydro duct bank under Dundas West between Aukland Road and Jopling Avenue and;
  • restoring the roadway.

Stage 1 construction of phase 2 of the project continues until December 31.

Six Points - Stage 1A.jpg

Construction at the Six Points and changes in TTC service levels continue until December 31, 2020.

“Six Points” reconstruction project

Phase 2: March 2017 until spring 2020

Generally, phase 2 construction includes:

  • removing the current structures, roads, and facilities;
  • installing underground infrastructure (including water-mains, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and utilities);
  • streetscaping (including landscaping, street lighting, and furniture)
  • resurfacing the roadway, improving intersections and installing curbs.

Phase 2 construction stages

Stage 1 - Spring 2017 until winter 2018

Stage 1A

  • building the new Dundas Street West alignment between Kipling Avenue and Bloor Street West;
  • building new Roads A and B;
  • building an underground hydro duct bank under Dundas West Between Aukland Road and Jopling Avenue.

Stage 1B

  • closing the Dundas West / Bloor West intersection for 72 hours to remove asphalt and place temporary ramps to Bloor;
  • building along Dundas West, Road A and Road B
  • closing the bus ramp (Kipling Avenue to Street A) and opening temporary connections (Dundas, Road A, Road B)

Stage 1C

  • rebuilding Bloor West, westbound lanes, east of Dunbloor;
  • building the east side of Kipling and the bus ramp, south of Bloor.

Stage 1D

  • rebuilding the westbound lanes of Bloor;
  • building the Kipling / Dundas intersection.

16ECS-TI-01SP (Six Points Master Contract) - STAGE1.jpg

Stage 2 — Spring 2018 until summer 2019

Stage 2A

  • rebuilding the eastbound lanes of Bloor;
  • rebuilding Dunbloor;
  • building the rest of the south side of Dundas and the Kipling / Dundas intersection; and
  • building new Viking Lane.

Stage 2B

  • realigning Bloor between Dundas and Kipling;
  • building Road C;
  • rebuilding the Dundas eastbound and Kipling / Dundas ramps; and
  • building Dundas between Jopling and Kipling Avenues.

16ECS-TI-01SP (Six Points Master Contract) - STAGE2.jpg

Stage 3 — Summer 2019 until spring 2020

Stage 3A

  • widening Kipling northbound lanes; and
  • removing the Dundas / Bloor bridge structures over Kipling.

Stage 3B

  • widening and rebuilding Kipling southbound lanes
  • building Bloor between Kipling and Prennan Avenue

16ECS-TI-01SP (Six Points Master Contract) - STAGE3.jpg

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