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TTC closing escalator at St Clair West Station,
starting March 16

The TTC continues its project to make St Clair West Station accessible by installing an elevator from the street to the concourse.

Starting Thursday, March 16, crews start installing structural support for the street-level elevator construction.

During this process:

  • The TTC will take the “down” escalator at the main entrance out of service so that crews can safely install structural support.
  • The other escalator will remain available for customer use in the “up” direction.
  • Access to the stairs will remain open and the TTC will post signs to direct passengers.
  • The main entrance will remain open during construction at street level.
  • Crews mostly work from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Some work occurs overnight, when fewer passengers access the station.

Expect noise and vibration.

The TTC continues to close the escalator and install structural support at St Clair West Station until May 15.

The overall project includes:

  • a barrier-free path to all levels of the station including three elevators to access the street, the bus and streetcar level, the concourse, and the north- and southbound platforms;
  • accessible fare gates and automatic sliding doors;
  • better signage and wayfinding;
  • closed-circuit televsion (CCTV) security cameras;
  • a public art installation, “The Commuters”.

Last summer, the TTC completed construction on the concourse-to-platform elevators and they are now in service.