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Donlands Station second exit / entrance:
TTC contractors start surveying, March 27

Update — Monday, July 24, 12:34 p.m.: Contractors start drilling boreholes to study soil conditions in the area Wednesday, July 26.

Update — Thursday, June 15, 9:46 a.m.: TTC contractors start locating underground utilities, Monday, June 19.

The TTC intends to build a second exit / automatic entrance to Donlands Station. After working with local residents, the TTC identified 17 / 19 Dewhurst Boulevard as the site for the new structure. The Toronto Transit Commission unanimously approved the site during its meeting of February 21.

As a first step in planning the project, contractors are surveying Donlands Station and the local area, starting Monday, March 27. TTC contractors have previously surveyed properties near Strathmore and Dewhurst Boulevards during an earlier proposal to build the second exit and this round of surveying continues that earlier work.

Surveyors are accurately measuring the area, which may require a field crew to place surveying markers at the corners of various properties and elsewhere.

The field crew consists of two staff wearing reflective vests. While surveying, the crew will try to contact building occupants directly if they need to access private property, such as backyards.

Crews may also locate and mark utilities on Dewhurst and Strathmore Boulevards and Donlands Avenue.

Surveying near Donlands Station continues until July 31.

The TTC tried to build a second exit from the station in 2010, but met with fierce local opposition after it failed to adequately consult the nearby community about its plans. Since then, it has improved its process of consulting with its neighbours about plans that may disrupt residences and businesses. It formed a local working group to help it identify potential locations for the second exit and the working group recommended the site on Dewhurst Boulevard. This site is one block west of the current station entrance / exit and bus terminal.

The TTC says that building a second exit and automatic entrance is “part of [its] commitment… to improve customer safety and convenience.”

Also according to the TTC, the “Easier Access Program makes stations accessible for everyone with the addition of new elevators.” To reduce the overall time for construction, the TTC will work on the Donlands Station Easier Access project at the same time as the second-exit project. It will build the street-to-concourse-to-eastbound-platform elevator shaft on the southwest corner of Strathmore Boulevard and Donlands Avenue, extending the main station entrance. It will build the concourse-to-westbound platform elevator shaft on the northwest corner of Strathmore Boulevard and Donlands Avenue.