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TTC starts early work to replace track on Lake Shore West, April 3

This year, the City of Toronto / TTC are completing several projects to improve the infrastructure for the west end of the 301 / 501 Queen streetcar route.

Early work on the project to replace the streetcar tracks on Lake Shore Boulevard West between Dwight Avenue and Humber Loop requires TTC crews to weld lengths of rail together into longer strings. Welding rails in advance helps create a stronger rail bond and allows track crews to install the rail more quickly. That, in turn, reduces the time for construction to disrupt the local community.

(Crews have already completed similar preliminary rail work on The Queensway and are currently working on another part of Lake Shore Boulevard West, just west of Humber Loop.)

Next week, a TTC crew is setting up welding equipment and construction materials in the track allowance at Lake Shore Boulevard West and Islington Avenue / Seventh Street to prepare the new rail. According to the TTC, “This location on Lake Shore Boulevard West is the most suitable for the work zone required to undertake this preliminary welding work.”

Welders work daily from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. until April 13. Occasionally, they may work later into the night to finish as soon as possible. They’re storing the welded rails on the track allowance between Sixth and Fifth Streets, where they remain until crews install them during the upcoming track project.

The crews occupy the track area in the centre lanes of the street, but at least one lane is available for traffic in both directions through the work zone and the rail-storage area.

The City is restricting some turns in the area. For example, it is temporarily prohibiting the south-to east left turn from Sixth Street to Lake Shore West. However, motorists can continue to park in the area.

The TTC starts major construction on the project Saturday, May 20.

It replaced streetcars with buses to accommodate this and other projects starting Sunday, January 8. Buses continue to replace the streetcars throughout 2017.