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MiWay opening two more Transitway stations
-- Spectrum and Orbitor -- May 1


Next Monday, May 1, the City of Mississauga and MiWay open two more Mississauga Transitway stations to passengers.

Spectrum Station and Orbitor stations offer MiWay commuters in the Airport Corporate Centre area a faster route to travel between Winston Churchill Boulevard in the west and Commerce Boulevard in the east without traffic delaying the buses. The Mississauga Transitway includes 25 overpasses and underpasses allowing continuous travel along the bus-only corridor.

MiWay is extending transitway service in the Airport Corporate Centre from Etobicoke Creek Station to the two new stations with all buses operating along the 107 Malton and 109 Meadowvale MiExpress routes serving both stations.

Spectrum and Orbitor are the last stations that the City is building for the corridor. Eleven stations of the final 12 stations are now complete along with 17 kilometres of the 18-kilometre busway.

Metrolinx is building Renforth Gateway, the final station, which it has scheduled to open this fall. When that station opens, GO Transit will operate more buses along the route to complement MiWay service. Renforth Gateway, at the boundary between Mississauga and Toronto, will also be a transfer point for TTC buses. Eventually, it may also include a connection to a future western extension of the Eglinton Crosstown light rail transit line.


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By opening these two stations, the City also reveals the final pieces of the transitway’s public art.

Seven of the new stations contain a permanent public art installation, Building Colour, by Panya Clark Espinal. The artwork combines sculptural components of bronze, glass, colour-changing light-emitting diode (LED) lighting and touch-sensitive triggers to engage the audience. It stages the tools and equipment for installing glass, simulating a work site which is, momentarily, empty of workers. The public witnesses, as if the workers were replacing the predominantly clear glass of the stations with coloured glass.

Throughout the stations, the artist has scattered various components of the piece: for example, the special tools of the construction trade and the personal objects of the workers on windowsills. Light emanating from storage rooms reveals an available supply of coloured glass. Near the storage rooms, bronze-cast tools and supplies are touch-sensitive such that the audience can influence the colour and pattern of light and the perceived colour for the glass to come.

Building Colour intends to blur the boundaries between conventional ideas of sculpture and the contemporary experience of urban living. It intends to elevate a few utilitarian, everyday and often unnoticed fragments of the building process and reveal moments of beauty, playfulness and curiosity.

The artwork that is installed at: Central Parkway; Tomken; Dixie; Tahoe; Etobicoke Creek; Spectrum; and Orbitor stations.


One of Clark’s Building Colour installations in Etobicoke Creek Station. Photo: City of Mississauga.

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