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Streetcars return to Bathurst, May 7

The TTC has been operating buses, instead of streetcars, intermittently, along the 511 Bathurst route since January 2016.

For much of that time, two construction projects — repairing the roofs at Bathurst Station and upgrading Exhibition Loop — prevented the TTC from operating the cars. More recently, however, the TTC simply hasn’t had enough streetcars to serve the route.


TTC ALRV #4248 leaves Bathurst Station Loop to continue its trip all the way south to the Exhibition. Photo by Roman Fomin on November 14, 2011.

Starting this Sunday, May 7, the TTC is replacing streetcars with buses along the entire 301 Queen overnight and 501 Queen routes during various construction projects. That frees up more than enough streetcars to operate along Bathurst Street.

Starting Sunday, streetcars operate along the entire route between Bathurst Station and Exhibition Loop. Unlike the current bus service, some cars will not regularly short-turn at King Street West (except during an emergency.)

Streetcars serving the 511 Bathurst route typically carry more passengers during spring and summer than during other times of the year due to the large number of events and activities at Exhibition Place and elsewhere on the waterfront. The TTC usually operates the larger ALRVs (articulated light rail vehicles) along the route during spring and summer to serve the larger number of passengers. This year, it may also operate Toronto Flexity low-floor streetcars along the route, as more become available.

Standard CLRV (Canadian light rail vehicle) service resumes along the route Tuesday, September 5.

To get ready for streetcar service, the ground the rails along Bathurst Street from April 25 to 29.

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