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Greenwood Station vent shaft repairs,
starting June 1

Starting Thursday, June 1, the TTC is repairing the subway ventilation shaft on Strathmore Boulevard just east of Linnsmore Crescent to return it to a state of good repair. Crews only work in the vent-shaft area near Greenwood Station.

During this project, crews:

  • replace the roadway steel grating;
  • rehabilitate the concrete and steel beam support structure;
  • re-face the concrete of the vent shaft walls; and
  • repair the asphalt.

Crews section off the vent-shaft area in accordance with City of Toronto requirements to protect the work site and to allow the crew to safely carry out the work. The work zone extends from near 250 to 260 Strathmore Boulevard. It restricts access to the private driveway at 256 / 258 Strathmore Boulevard and temporarily displaces four to five parking spots on the north side of Strathmore Boulevard.

Traffic may continue to move in both directions along Strathmore Boulevard through the work zone. However, vehicles must share a narrow lane along the south side during the project.

Repairing the subway ventilation shaft near Greenwood Station continues until July 9.

The City is temporarily suspending parking on the south side of Strathmore Boulevard between Linnsmore Crescent and Monarch Park Avenue and allowing parking on the north side and on Linnsmore Crescent north of Strathmore Boulevard.

To finish the project as quickly as possible, crews work from 7:30 a.m. until 7 p.m. Mondays to Fridays. Occasionally, the TTC crew may work on weekends.