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Ward Road railroad track repairs:
Brampton Transit detour starts June 12

Starting 7 p.m. Monday, June 12, Canadian National Railway crews are repairing the level-crossing on

  • Ward Road

for the tracks leading to and from Brampton Intermodal Yard.

Brampton Transit is detouring buses operating along this route, while the street is closed:

  • 9 Vodden.

Track repairs on Ward Road and the Brampton Transit detours continue until 5 p.m. June 14.

Detour 9 Vodden.jpg

9 Vodden

From 7 a.m. Monday, June 12 until 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 14, eastbound buses operate along their regular route to Williams Parkway East at Automatic Road / Spar Drive, then detour:

westward along Williams East to Edvac Drive / Sun-Pac Boulevard,
ending their trips.

Eastbound buses skip their regular stops

  • on Spar Drive south of Williams Parkway East and at Ward Road,
  • on Ward Road east of Spar Drive and beside #73 Ward and
  • on Sun-Pac Boulevard across from Ward Road and at Williams Parkway East.

Instead, eastbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at temporary stops

  • on Williams Parkway East beside #2021 Williams East, west of Sun-Pac Boulevard and at Sun-Pac Boulevard.

Westbound buses start their trips on William Parkway at Sun-Pac Boulevard, then proceed:

along their regular route northward along Edvac Drive.

Westbound buses skip their regular stop

  • on Sun-Pac Boulevard at Williams Parkway East.

Instead, westbound buses drop off or pick up passengers at a temporary stop

  • on Williams Parkway East at Sun-Pac Boulevard.
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